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Itinerari turistici in Puglia

Hotel La Sorgente is located in Savelletri, in the province of Fasano (Brindisi), and is the ideal starting point for all those who want spend an holiday between the sea, nature and the visit of the main most beautiful, tourist Apulian destinations.



The Castellana Caves is a karst cave formation system among the most important in Italy. The caves are located just 17 km far from Alberobello, the popular UNESCO world heritage site of Valle d’Itria, in Puglia.Their geological story dates back about 90 million years ago, when they began to form. The cave exploration extents up to 3 km and the caves have a constant temperature of around 16° -18°. Stalactites, stalagmites, amazing shapes, fossils and wonderful colors stimulate the visitors’ imagination. The caves can be visited also at night, with a group of speleologists.


Alberobello.The image of Trulli, timeless rural construction, has always been associated with Puglia as one of the most typical expression of his rural soul. The city made up of Trulli, occupies a land that is subjected to the erosive action of the rain.


Matera European Capital of Culture 2019 declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The historic little town characterized by a heritage rich in natural and cultural attractions. And ‘the city entirely excavated in the Sassi: the city caves, entrenched villages, the peasant houses carved into the rock, the rock churches with frescoes, the great Romanesque churches and Baroque -pugliesi Palazzotti noble and important.


Castel del Monte. Located on the top of a hill, dates back to 1240 and is certainly the most famous architectural testimony oestrus of Frederick II. The mysterious building is characterized by the octagonal shape that creates an incomprehensible spectacle of light and shadow; each edge of the polygon perfect rest as many towers from the same octagonal shape. Inside are two floors, each of which has eight rooms.


Monopoli. The town of Monopoli is located on the Adriatic coast about 40 km from Bari.In this charming town the fishing tradition is alive and present in the historical fishing boats in the harbor with small boats of fishermen. The city center is surrounded by an expanse of millennial olive trees. The oldest inhabited relaxing on a strip of land facing the sea. But Monopoly is also a rural town with trulli, historic farms, small houses and mills scattered among olive groves. All examples of architecture of a predominantly agricultural past, today the cultural heritage of inestimable value.


Fasano: Also known as “City of oil”, the renowned reputation of producing high quality oils. The city is located at the center of an imaginary triangle whose vertices the cities of Bari, Brindisi and Taranto. Fasanolandia & Safari Park is located at the border of the territory of Fasano and his famous village Selva di Fasano, a tourist resort par excellence, crossed by tree-lined avenues and courtyards dotted with nightclubs and restaurants that make it a popular resort area.


Torre Canne:  Torre Canne is a fraction of the town of Fasano, which is about 8 Km. This seaside resort, very active during the summer season, is known for its beaches of fine sand and for the baths. The therapeutic waters of Torre Canne have been known for over a century in the treatment of mud therapy and hydrotherapy.


Lecce. Of ancient origins, the city experienced two moments particularly flourishing: one of the Roman era and that of the Kingdom of Naples. In this period there was a great development in the construction of buildings, monuments and mansions characterized by a magnificent and rich ornamental and architectural scenography that he earned the definition of “Leccese Baroque”. The imaginative and meticulous sculpting work was facilitated by the use of local stone, flexible and easy to inlay.